About Us

 Joe's Blacklist originally started as a consumer debt data for the service industry. Now Joe's Blacklist unites consumers and commercial organizations nationwide to help reduce the risk of payment loss based on 3rd party experiences with friends, relatives, coworkers and/or service providers that may owe an outstanding balance. With this powerful data access, you, the service provider or consumer, can avoid bad monetary disputes by seeing the reviews of others who had prior experiences with that business, person and/or service provider.  Eliminate the risk of not getting paid.     debt settlement



Let's face it, there's alot of bad apples (customers) in the world that unfortunately sometimes outweigh the good ones.


Bad customers can feed on hard-working business owners and service providers just to avoid paying the bill at job completion.  


Collection activities can be costly and bad consumers just move on to the next service provider with very little recourse for the non-paid service provider to get paid.




Instead of using valuable time with collection activity, sending the outstanding debt to a collections agency, going to court for a judgement or simply writing off the outstanding balance.


Who has time to focus on collection activity when you're focus could be increasing your bottom line to make up for the losses.  Too many losses can put you and/or business at risk of turmoil.


Joe's Blacklist whistle-blows on bad people by using the latest in technology advancement and its members to unite and stop bad payers in their tracks.





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    Save yourself countless hours of collection activity, lawyer fees and profit loss    

 See other service provider reviews for a customer you're considering working with and decide whether the risk is worth doing business.

    We can help you resolve a dispute with your consumer via our resolution center?    


           Joe's Blacklist is your resource tool to manage a stronger profitable relationship between you and your existing or future customers.  Become a member and see what Joe's Blacklist can do for you.