How To Manage Your Customers

Despite your preparations, it’s possible for issues to arise, putting you in conflict with your customer. Whether an unanticipated cost, faulty equipment or a simple misunderstanding, conflicts can be unavoidable. Should you have a complaint that needs to be addressed, try following these tips to work toward a successful resolve:

When possible, complain in person. It’s easy to be ignored if you write a letter expressing dissatisfaction, and phone calls can often result in being placed on hold for an exorbitant amount of time. If possible, handle complaints with etiquette over the phone or in person with your customer.

Complain in good faith. Ever hear your mother say you’ll catch more flies with honey than with vinegar? Don’t come into the situation angry or thinking everyone is out to get you. Instead, come into the situation thinking your customer will want to work with you to come to a resolution. Be assertive in sticking to the facts, but show that you are willing to work with the other party.

Document everything. Be sure to document every part of the process, including every name, date, time and price that relates to the complaint. Documentation, such as receipts and written estimates, can be crucial evidence when trying to seek resolution. If a job was not completed or the work was performed poorly, take photo and video evidence to help prove your claim. Also, you should be ready to explain exactly how you want the situation to be resolved.

Explain the consequences. If the customer’s response isn’t sufficient, explain what will happen if you don’t get action. If you have been a long-time service provider, let them know that they will no longer receive discounts on services and you will not do business with them again until the debt is resolved.

Report the customer to Joe's Blacklist. A negative report will be visible for all members and could appear on search engines as public data.  The customer should know it will have a negative impact on future services and/or doing business with others that use Joe's Blacklist as a resource. We also offer members a Complaint Resolution Process in which the Joe's Blacklist staff will help to resolve the dispute.

There's strength in numbers and the more members know about the customer debt, they will find it difficult to receive service from other providers without stiff payment options or any service at all.